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About The Charlotte Training Center Construction

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We are open for business and training professional carpenters and millwrights everyday!

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About the Project
This new 25,000 square-foot training center is on nearly six acres of land in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it is expected to become the centerpiece of community and economic development opportunities! Our vision is to use this facility to prepare a local workforce of construction industry professionals with the skills needed to enable these men and women to secure an excellent quality of life for themselves and their families.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Training Facility
Safety is our overriding priority when anything is taking place at our training centers: Skills training, community meetings, school tours, etc. As an additional precaution, we welcome the close monitoring and regulation of our equipment and instruction by the US Department of Labor and we abide by all OSHA standards.

Aesthetically, the facility is a beautiful, safe, secure structure with maintained grounds and green spaces located at 1928 Back Creek Drive, Charlotte, NC 28213. Features include:
  • 5,500 square feet of classrooms, computer labs and instructor offices
  • 10 welding stations
  • 2,400 square-foot cabinet/trim shop
  • A machine shop, featuring a metal lathe, milling machine, drill press and bandsaw
In response to the critical need to protect patients and staff at healthcare facilities during construction work, we are also operating a comprehensive mockup to hone skills in Construction ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment).

Equally important mockups for hands-on training include:
  • Scaffolding
  • Industrial Scaffolding
  • Heavy Form
  • Interior Systems
  • Machinery Alignment
  • Torch and Plasma Cutting
  • Rigging
  • Fork Lift
  • Flooring
  • Mobile Elevated Platforms
This training facility prepares men and women for careers in the Charlotte area, which will then funnel more dollars and builds long-term residency into the community. Not only is our vision to establish a home base to help local youth develop career skills, but we also have the capability and structure in place to provide job placement for graduates of our apprenticeship program.

When union carpenters and millwrights enter a community, we become an active part of the community! We welcome our facility to be a community resource for meetings, events, festivities, etc. Also, when we enter a community, we adopt the local middle and high school and work with staff and students on a variety of fun and educational projects.

Bottom Line
The benefits of this professional carpenter and millwright training center in Charlotte will prove to be both quantifiable and intrinsic when (1) local hands keep local money circulating in the community; and (2) when tomorrow's leaders learn a skill set that propels them into an excellent quality of life for themselves and their families.