Guy Carter, left, and Mark Brown, right

SCOAR Winter Meeting Features Southern Millwrights Training Presentation

A team of UBC Southern District millwright training leaders were featured presenters at the Southeastern Construction Owners & Associates Roundtable (SCOAR) Winter Meeting. SCOAR members include industrial owners, EPC companies, engineers, general and specialty contractors, labor, material and service suppliers, educators, and consultants. Large non-union contractor firms also attended.

Mark Brown, Executive Director of the Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust Fund, and Florida Millwright Training Coordinator Guy Carter presented an informational lecture and hosted an interactive session. Mr. Brown engaged a good discussion with the audience to identify the biggest challenges they face. Skills and availability were the top two concerns that surfaced. Mr. Brown illustrated how the UBC’s International Training Fund is specifically addressing those issues.

The millwright training discussion was so well received, that other presenters referenced the content and discussion points in their own presentation several times. The information also was well-received by representatives from major utility companies such as Duke Power, Kentucky utilities, Florida Power and Light, and Tampa Electric company. At the networking break, follow-up meetings from a host of those named, above, were requested to learn more about what a Southern States Millwright training partnership could look like.

Many thanks to Logan Brown, Southern States Millwright Eastern Region Director, for coordinating the millwright presentation for SCOAR.