Patrick Willingham and the SIBs

SECTT Instructors Help Sisters of the SECRC Bring Conference Theme of “Stronger Together” to Life

Thirty-seven female Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council members gathered in at the Atlanta Local 225 Union Hall and Training Center for a jam-packed 24 hours of professional and personal development, networking, and fellowship at the 2023 SECRC Sisters-in-the-Brotherhood Conference.


As part of the interactive conference, Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust Executive Director Mark Brown enlisted several SECTT instructors to coordinate a hands-on activity in the training center. There, SIB carpenters learned a millwright skill and SIB millwrights learned a carpenter skill.

Eric Parker keeps the SIBs' focus

Many thanks to Kennesaw Training Center Coordinator Jeff McCary, Atlanta Training Center Coordinator Anthony Valdez, Augusta Instructor Patrick Willingham, Kennesaw Instructor Eric Parker, and Atlanta Instructor Rolando Salinas for their help in leading the cross-training lessons.

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Here's a photo album of the event.


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Orlando Salinas gets the SIBs involved

Jeff McCary keeps the SIBs' attention

Anthony Valdez gives a safety talk before proceeding